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Tax Preparation Professional in Hollywood, FL

If you’re like most people, then your time is your livelihood. Whether you work from home, thrive in the corporate world, or run a small business, you’ll have to take the time to file taxes. But with the right tax-preparation expert, you can get your taxes handled quickly and accurately by an experienced professional.

For over 30 years, Matthew S. Abrams, CPA has offered tax-preparation services for the Hollywood, FL, area. In our decades of work, our firm has maintained a standard of responsive service and dedicated precision when preparing taxes for both individuals and businesses.

Certified Professionals


Our tax-preparation specialist functions as a trusted advisor who helps you minimize IRS inquiries and limit tax liability. More than just entering numbers, our CPA and office personnel help you strategize as you file your taxes. With our expertise and customized recommendations, you can trust that you’ll get the most out of your tax return.

When you file taxes, you disclose a lot of personal information. You need a tax specialist who you can trust to handle all your information with professionalism and discretion. We maintain a standard of professional service and respectful interactions with our clients. You won’t have to think twice about letting us get in your business.

We value accuracy and precision in all that we accomplish. Throughout the filing process, we pay close attention to the details. Documents prepared by our firm are carefully scrutinized for errors prior to submission.

Responsive Support


At Matthew S. Abrams, CPA, we value our time and extend our customers the same courtesy. Trust Matthew S. Abrams and his staff to respond to your questions and requests with focused attention and on-time delivery. For added convenience, we can file your tax return electronically so you receive your refund as soon as possible.

If you’re filing taxes in the Hollywood, FL area, rely on a certified tax expert—Matthew S. Abrams, CPA. Contact us today for more information on our tax-preparation services or to schedule a consultation. 

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