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Founder Bio


Matthew S. Abrams, CPA
(301) 873-6148
Matthew is the founder and owner of Matthew S. Abrams, CPA, and has been in private practice since 1996.
Having graduated with a BS in Accounting from George Washington University in 1982, Matthew began his career as a CPA in the leading national CPA firm, Ernst & Whinney (currently known as Ernst & Young). Matthew then proceeded to earn a Master of Science in Taxation from Georgetown University in 1989, all while heading up the tax departments for several national healthcare companies involved in multi-tiered mergers and acquisitions.
In 1987, Matthew became the corporate tax manager of the leading tax law publisher, The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. ("BNA"), in Washington D.C., where he established a reputation for orchestrating complex tax transactions. In addition to his primary duties at BNA, Matthew assisted the District of Columbia in drafting tax legislation intended to provide tax benefits to businesses.
With Matthew's extensive tax audit and tax problem resolution experience, he began his private tax and accounting practice in 1996 with the vision to provide specialized services to individuals and small to mid-size businesses seeking to build their financial wealth.  
Today, with over 30 years as an accomplished tax professional, Matthew's firm centers around the "bigger picture" of a Client's finances and aligns itself with the notion that people should not only "reap what they sow", but also, keep what they grow!

Matthew currently resides in South Florida with his wife and children. Outside of the firm, Matthew and his family enjoy volunteering their time to several local and national charitable endeavors.

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